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Freemont StreetFreemont Street Experience, Las Vegas I This little series pretty much summarizes our trip to Vegas;

Freemont Street is the main street through the old downtown of Las Vegas. As part of part of a well-intentioned urban renewal project, several blocks of the street were closed off, pedestrianized, and one big roof was then built over the whole thing (seriously!) The street was then re-christened “The Freemont Street Experience” and now exists as a perpetual Mardi Gras. Tourists from the all over the world are now free to enjoy the air-condition desert. Every hour, on the hour, the roof becomes a backdrop for “The Show”.

Now the night we visited, a particularly aggressive group of Jesus freaks were busy preaching through a megaphone. (I suppose they figured that you should head straight to the belly of the beast to offer salvation.) After about an hour of their “Fear God” message, “The Show” started. At first a blast of green light fills “The Experience” and the first chords of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” start. Perfect! The music turns to “Sugar Sugar” as coke falls from the sky, and then runs through the menu of cards, gambling and scantily clad girls.


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